Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Terri's Day" In Our Hearts and Prayers

Fr. Frank Pavone:

Terri responded to me and others around her. She smiled and laughed when her father kissed her and his mustache tickled her face. When her mother asked her a question, I heard her trying to say something. She was not able to speak words, but she returned her mom’s kiss.
When I told her I wanted to pray with her and give her a blessing, she closed her eyes and, at the end of the prayer, opened them again. She was not a “vegetable.” She was a living person who was being starved to death. This was murder. March 31 Is Terri's Day By: Father Frank Pavone

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Easter is NOT a Pagan Holiday" Thanks Mark Shea

Mark Shea:
"So the feast does not *derive* from paganism. And the proof of that is that the feast is not known as “Easter” in huge swaths of the world. It’s called “Pascha” (as in “Paschal Mystery”). Because the real origins of the feast are a) the Jewish Passover and b) the crucifixion, death, and resurrection which occurred on a Passover weekend roughly 2000 years ago."
Taking a Brief Break from Sacraments for Holy Week: by Mark Shea