Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bronx Shout Out!!

Their has been a recent discussion on whether an openly homosexual couple's child should be allowed to attend a Catholic school outside of Boston. You can read Jimmy Akin's article here. I would like to share my thoughts by recognizing the tremendous job a group of evangelist do at the school where I teach math, Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx.

These dedicated people on any given day follow the gospel that was taught by Jesus and literally teach it to all the corners of the earth in this very diverse setting. More than half of their students are non-Catholic with many, (including Catholics) having no religious formation at all in their lives. Many come from broken homes or what can be called non-traditional family settings. They do not see why abortion, homosexual marriage, pre-marital sex, divorce, etc. are wrong either from a natural law or a gospel point of view. In general they swim in the deep end of relativism. In addition these dedicated professionals pass on Christ's message of salvation among peers who think religion class is not a true academic discipline, and that students who go on spiritual retreats are missing their class therefore these retreats are a waste of time. In general one could say these are close but different to the times that the Incarnation came to earth to teach of the Father's love for us.

The religion department is very close to my heart as they share in many of my personal beliefs. As Jesus instructed they bring all the children to Him. They teach the truth, which is difficult, as described in John chapter 6. They don't judge their students, and remain hopeful that they have planted a seed that God will nourish and bring all to the Kingdom. They realize that it is not their will but God's will in them. They are humble with a faith that can move mountains. They are strengthened by the Eucharist. The most remarkable thing, in an almost impossible situation, is  their most enduring virtue; charity. Probably without knowing it I enjoy talking to one of the members of their department daily because despite all the negative things in a day the love of Christ shines through.

At the end of this academic year I offer this prayer to a group of evangelist that I admire:

May God the Father renew and strengthen your resolve.
May the light of God the Son continue to bring you and your students to friendship with the Father.
May God the Holy Spirit move you and strengthen your love so that you know that your efforts are not in vain but show a love for the Father. 

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