Saturday, July 23, 2011


"If you could always continue to be humble and little in your own eyes, and keep your spirit in due order and subjection, you would not fall so easily into danger and offense. It is good counsel that, when you have conceived the spirit of fervor, you should meditate how it will be when that light shall be withdrawn." These words from "The Imitation of Christ" are arguably the best advice one can give or receive. Cadel Evans of Australia clinched victory in the Tour De France today and the tears he shed in this awesome accomplishment showed just how humble a man he is. Cadel raced steady during the three weeks never in the lead until the end and although a favorite to win he showed up every day and raced with humility. So it is with total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. You show up every day and be humbled by God's grace, never feeling worthy of His love yet continuing on the journey as Mary did so many years ago. It is a walk of faith in which Thomas Merton would say, "I don't know if I do God's will but wanting to do His will is enough." God takes our humble efforts and perfects them beyond what we can understand. Ask the Blessed Mother in all humility to bring you to the throne of grace with all humility.

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