Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Has Been A Long Time

I do enjoy making and giving away rosaries. It is in a way an emptying of myself for others and I don't know why I do it and can't explain the full meaning it has to me. Some would say that it is the Holy Spirit working within me, again I don't know. What I can say is the fruits of the labor are evident. The last rosary give away has put me in contact with, whose mission is: "The My Consecration Apostolate was formed by an alliance of Catholic apostolates with a very strong devotion to our Blessed Mother and the Rosary.  They share a common concern for the saving of souls and strengthening of the Catholic Church through the  Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary."please visit their web site as it contains (without cost) how to make your Consecration. It seems so fitting that I blog this today on my 49th birthday which is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel my original Consecration. Since I have not renewed my consecration in many years it seams right that I go through the Consecration again starting July 20 and making my renewal Consecration on August 22 on the feast of The Queenship of Mary. I will share some of my thoughts along the 34 days and don't forget, IF YOU NEED A ROSARY PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I'LL SEND IT TO YOU FOR FREE!!!! Christ came to earth to touch man and opened the way for man to touch God. In our search it is comforting to remember that He seeks us first and it is our response that determines if we find Him, "If, then, we establish solid devotion to our Blessed Lady, it is only to establish more perfectly devotion to Jesus Christ, and to provide an easy secure means for finding Jesus Christ." St. Louis De Montfort

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