Friday, April 27, 2012

 One of the cool things about being Catholic is our position on salvation.  Let me explain. This past February I ran a 50K(31 miles) race in Destin Florida. After the race my daughter and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.Their were a lot of people with signs condemning all the people participating in the festivities to damnation. I spoke with one man who told me to leave the Catholic or I'd go to hell. I always thought that being a New Yorker was far worse than being a Catholic in the southerners eyes!

The Catholic belief is that we must respond to the grace that God gives us. Salvation is only through the Catholic Church but it may take people longer to receive this grace and many will receive this gift at the time of passing to the next life. This brings me to something that I learned from Father O'Reilly the dean at the Institute of Religious Studies in Yonkers, NY. Everyone outside the church has not received the grace needed to be part of the Church however those who received the grace and have left the church are in peril. So I decided that this week I'll start to forgo my Sunday morning mass and start going to the vigil mass on Saturday night. My plan is that in a couple of weeks I will ask my wife and daughter to join me. My wife always went to the vigil mass with her mother growing up so maybe this will get her back to church again. She's not a morning person.

If you are a Catholic who has left the Church and stumbled onto this blog please visit the Catholics Come Home website. Feel free to e-mail me for a rosary(I love giving them away). When I was away from the church and came back my second stop after a month of masses was confession. It warmed my heart when the priest welcomed me back to the church. I looked forward to welcoming many Catholics back home.
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