Monday, June 25, 2012

March for Life

I am always honored to chaperon the students from Cardinal Spellman HS on the day trip to the March for Life in Washington. This past trip I was blessed to chaperon the overnight bus. Following celebration of the Eucharist we were treated to a concert by Josh Blakesley and a music filled Eucharistic Adoration. The videos on this post are from the night before the March. They were originally recorded side ways and I just figured out how to rotate them(I'm slow, I know). We were at the overflow venues, both here and the next day at mass before the March, we were at the Armory. To see so many high school students from across America at the March is always a blessing and truly amazing! Being from the Bronx our students commented on how other students prayed with their hands held high and how they wish they could pray like that. You never know where seeds are sowed. It's was great that Josh Blakesly called everyone Church, that was so important for all the students to know they are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. Sorry for the shaky videos I was rocking out!!!

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